Climate: Change & Modeling

The evidence, causes, effects and solutions for climate change is one of the grand challenges of today. While the climate has always evolved over long time scales, making the Earth go through hotter and cooler periods of time, the planet has never experienced such rapid changes as we observe today meanwhile having to support close to 9 billion inhabitants. 

To respond to the challenges, our climate research is rapidly growing and covers a broad range of topics, including global and regional climate modeling for present and future climate scenarios, development of new dynamical cores and adaptive grids, integration of satellite products into climate models, improvement of physical processes in climate models, and biosphere-atmosphere, ice-atmosphere, and chemistry-climate interactions. The research makes use of high performance computing available to faculty and students. We have a number of cross-campus projects that integrate climate modeling with other fields, including public health, business, geology, ecology, and public policy.


Research groups

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)