Telling Our Story

In the climate and space sciences, our history, our present and our future consist of many diverse people who came together to make advancements in our scientific understanding and accomplish great feats of engineering. As a department, we at U-M Climate & Space recognize that inclusivity, equitable opportunity, and expanding diversity are key to unlocking new discoveries and technical triumphs.

Telling our story will be an important part of this work, as we strive to produce new graduates, build impactful teams, inform science policy, and contribute to new and continuing efforts to understand the climate and space. We welcome you to become part of our story, and help make our department stronger and more inclusive.

Take a moment to browse the stories we have been part of, thus far.

Photo of Mark Moldwin speaking at AGU.

Mental Health and Inclusion in the Sciences

U-M Climate & Space Professor Mark Moldwin discusses the state of the profession, highlighting the fact that despite the efforts made in the past few decades, the gender balance has improved only slightly, while the balance of ethnic diversity needs to improve.

Graphic with photo of Onyinye Nwankwo and words to describe the King Talks

Rackham King Talks: The Importance of Breaking Barriers

Onyinye Nwankwo, a Ph.D. student, offers advice for breaking barriers in the space sciences during the Annual Rackham King Talks at the University of Michigan, honoring the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Students Making Strides

Regardless of their background, our students are making strides in their fields, taking advantage of meaningful opportunities to participate in the sciences, earning the honor of publication and other privileges, and speaking to leaders on the world stage.

Honoring our award winners

These are just a few of the faculty, staff and students who have been honored with prestigious awards for their work.