National Advisory Board

The Climate & Space National Advisory Board (NAB) is comprised of external stakeholders, including alumni, collaborators, private and public institution leaders and interested members of the public.

The purpose of the Board is to gain input from external stakeholders concerning our educational and research goals and how we plan to accomplish them.

The members are:

  • Andrew Humphrey. National Advisory Board Chair; Meteorologist & Reporter, WDIV-TV; Climate & Space Alum
  • Tim Wallington. Environmental Research Scientist, Ford Motor Company; Adjunct Professor, Climate & Space Department
  • Genene Fisher. Deputy Director, Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, NOAA; Climate & Space Alum
  • Gerceida Jones. Clinical Associate Professor, NYU; Climate & Space Alum
  • Yingjuan Ma. Researcher, UCLA; Climate & Space Alum
  • Joseph Mancewicz. Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA/DIGTS; Climate & Space Alum
  • Beth Gibbons. Executive Director, American Society for Adaption Professionals; University of Michigan Alum
  • Merav Opher. Professor, Boston University; Climate & Space Alum
  • Nathan Schwadron. Professor, University of New Hampshire; Climate & Space Alum
  • Chris Weiss. Professor, Texas Tech; Climate & Space Alum
  • David Wilson. Technical Writing Manager, Arbor Networks; Climate & Space Alum
  • Richard B. Rood. Professor, Climate & Space Department; Chair, Climate & Space Department Alumni and Friends Committee
  • Tuija Pulkkinen. Chair, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Department