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You can make a big difference in the life of an Climate & Space student. It only takes $75 from you and 2000 Climate & Space Alumni and Friends to:

  • Establish an undergraduate fellowship
  • Fund 30 MEng scholarships  for Space System Engineering students
  • Support an annual Summer Camp in Greenland for students to study climate change

Please donate today to one of the Climate & Space student support funds listed below.

Perry J. Samson Student Support Fund

Please consider making a gift to the Perry J. Samson Student Support Fund.

This endowment supports undergraduate students and student programs in CLaSP. Experiential learning opportunities include, but are not limited to, summer field programs, travel expenses, and atmospheric sciences conference fees.

Contribute now to the Perry J. Samson Student Support Fund.

CLaSP Undergraduate Student Fund

The CLaSP Undergraduate Student Fund was established to:

  1. Recruit more students to the department;
  2. Provide enhanced research opportunities to students;
  3. Develop new mentoring and advising programs for students; and
  4. Award students who have excelled in academics, community service or research while at U-M.

Contribute now to the CLaSP Undergraduate Student Fund.

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Special Fund

Gifts to this fund enable Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering to support activities and events that enrich the department. Please consider contributing to the Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Special Fund.

Claudia Alexander Scholarship Fund

Dr. Claudia Alexander The Claudia Alexander Scholarship for undergraduate students at the University of Michigan was established in 2007. Dr. Alexander earned her PhD from the University of Michigan in 1993, and continued to have a strong relationship with U-M over the years, visiting often to give talks, to mentor students and to serve on the Climate & Space National Advisory Board.

She was well known for her work in geophysics and planetary science. She supported several space missions including NASA’s Galileo and Cassini and the ESA’s Rosetta, for which she served as project manager and scientist for NASA’s role in the mission. She was also known for being “… always cheerful, full of optimism and energy. She was an enthusiastic planetary scientist, a dedicated educator, a great role model and a true fighter.”  Dr. Alexander passed away on July 11, 2015 following a ten year battle with breast cancer.

Please consider contributing to the Claudia Alexander Scholarship Fund.

Thomas M. Donahue Memorial Student Fund

Please consider contributing to the Thomas M. Donahue Memorial Student Fund.

“I want to know how the planets of the solar system were formed, how they came to evolve as they did and the significance of all that for the existence of life in the solar system and in the rest of the universe.”—Thomas M. Donahue

While Tom may now be silent, his unquenchable desire to learn and then to learn more will remain part of his legacy for generations to come. It is in this spirit that the Thomas M. Donahue Student Memorial Fund was established to support students in their academic endeavors at the University of Michigan.

Contribute now to the Thomas M. Donahue Memorial Student Fund.

Thank you for your contribution!