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Welcome to the Opportunity Hub, your gateway to a plethora of career possibilities in the field of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering. Whether you are seeking an exciting research role, an insightful lab assistant position, or a challenging teaching assistantship, the Opportunity Hub connects you with a diverse range of opportunities that align with your aspirations.

Our CLaSP students possess a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, making them well-suited to an array of roles in diverse areas. Through this Opportunity Hub, we aim to showcase the breadth of opportunities that await you, whether within the university or through our affiliations.

In this hub, you’ll also find a curated section spotlighting esteemed professors and their innovative projects. You are encouraged to reach out to them for potential collaborations and to learn more about opportunities. Engaging with these mentors can truly enhance your academic journey and professional growth.

At CLaSP, we believe that the right opportunity can significantly shape your career journey and contribute to your professional growth. Take your first step towards your next career milestone by exploring the opportunities listed below.

Opportunity List

NASA Pathways Internships

How to Apply for a Pathways Internship:

Step 1: Do Your Research – Visit NASA Pathways Internships

Step 2: Prepare Your Application – Visit Create a USAJOBS Profile

  • Click here for step-by-step instructions for creating a USAJOBS profile, building a resume, and setting notifications to receive alerts for open Pathways announcements.

Step 3: Apply to a Vacancy Announcement – Visit USAJOBS.gov

  • Please note: Announcements will not appear on this link until they open on February 26, 2024.
  • Be sure to apply to the vacancy that aligns with BOTH your academic major and preferred NASA center.

Internship info sessions:

Faculty Connect: Space Sciences

James Cutler | MXL

Sara Pozzi | CVT

Kira Barton | ARC

Profile: Kira Barton

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: Robotics

Laboratory: Automotive Research Centre (ARC)

Xianzhe Jia | Space Physics

Profile: Xianzhe Jia

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: CLaSP

Laboratory: Space Physics

Yongxi Li | HCC

Profile: Yongxi Li

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: EECS

Laboratory: Human Centred Computing Lab (HCC)

Dan Welling | Space Weather

Profile: Dan Welling

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: CLaSP

Laboratory: Space Weather

Tuija Pulkkinen | Space Weather

Profile: Tuija Pulkkinen

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: CLaSP

Laboratory: Space Weather

Tamas Gombosi | CSEM

Stephen Rand | DYNAMO

David Wehe | CVT

Aaron Ridley | Space Weather

Profile: Aaron Ridley

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: CLaSP

Laboratory: Space Weather

Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti | MIDAS

Ryan Dewey | Space Weather

Profile: Ryan Dewey

Email: [email protected]

Affiliation: CLaSP

Laboratory: Space Weather

Contact for Further Information

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For more inquiries or if you need additional details about the opportunities listed above, please reach out to:

Email: [email protected]

We look forward to helping you explore the many exciting opportunities available at the University of Michigan. Our aim is to make your journey towards an enriching academic or professional career as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!