Undergraduate Studies

Join us in Climate and Meteorology or Space Science and Engineering Programs. If you major in another field, consider a minor in Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering to complement your education with space or climate expertise. Whichever your program, you will have research opportunities providing foundations scientific methodology and technology development.

Graduates of the Climate and Meteorology degree program concentrating on Climate Science and Impacts understand the Earth’s climate and weather, and are prepared to apply their knowledge to solve complex environmental and societal problems for a variety of industries, government agencies, and offices. Graduates more focused on Meteorology will gain computational and theoretical skills to understand and analyze meteorological phenomena from weather systems to micrometeorological processes. 

Graduates of the Space Sciences and Engineering degree program are prepared to pursue graduate studies in space sciences, join government agencies, and federal laboratories operating in space-related disciplines, or join the expanding space industry. The Space Science concentration allows students to develop their quantitative, theoretical, and computational skills necessary to understand the Sun-Earth space system. The Space Instrumentation concentration provides a foundation of the Earth and Space Sciences with technical, laboratory, and project-based learning experiences within space instrumentation and space systems.

The department’s Minor Program in Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering targets undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and in other U-M schools and colleges. Students interested in geosciences or space industry will be exposed to research opportunities, which prepare them for society’s increasing needs for graduates trained in the physical and chemical processes, computational methods, and engineering solutions for the Earth and Space system.  

Interested in continuing with graduate studies? See our Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies SUGS) program, which allows our students to complete combined Bachelor and Master’s degrees in just five years!