• CLASP Assoc. Prof. Xianglei Huang

    Assoc. Prof. Huang co-investigator on new ESA satellite mission

    CLASP faculty member now co-investigator on two missions studying the far-infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum for clues on climate change. Read more »

  • CLASP Assoc. Prof. Carolyn Kuranz

    Assoc. Prof. Kuranz named Fellow of the American Physical Society

    Prof. Kuranz was nominated by the APS Division of Plasma Physics. Read more »

  • CLASP students Abigail Azari and Yeimy Rivera

    Climate & Space PhD students honored at Machine Learning conference

    CLASP PhD students win early-career awards for presentations. Read more »

  • Dr. Mei-Ching Fok, Climate & Space Alumni of the Year

    NASA’s Dr. Mei-Ching Fok to give Climate & Space Alumni of the Year Lecture

    Dr. Fok will receive the 2019 CLASP Alumni Merit Award. Read more »

  • CLASP PhDs-summer-2019

    Congratulations to new Climate & Space PhDs!

    Four CLASP graduate students earned their doctoral degrees over the summer. Read more »

The Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Department combines scientific and technological excellence and leadership to explore the Sun, the Earth, our solar system, and the space beyond. We use observations, modeling, and theory to discover and explain phenomena that define our place in the universe, and address the pressing problems associated with global change. As part of the University of Michigan College of Engineering, we inspire our students to develop as intellectually curious, engaged citizens and use our knowledge to inform the public, stakeholders, and policy makers. ​