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Moldwin Receives STAR Award for Revolutionary Research in Space-based Magnetometry and Inclusive Teaching

The Research Corporation for Science Advancement has given the STAR Award to Professor Mark Moldwin of U-M of Climate and Space.

Photo of Zhang (left) as she discusses a model of historical allergen data with her advisor, CLASP Professor Allison Steiner.

Nothing to Sneeze At: Forecasting Allergy Seasons Amid a Changing Climate

Graduate student Yingxiao Zhang is developing a better way to forecast allergy season to help people better navigate its headaches.

Photo of James Slavin

Slavin Named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Professor James Slavin is among three Michigan researchers honored for trailblazing work, as he unravels the mysteries of solar storms.


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CLASP Seminar Series

We’re proud to present a series of lectures from leaders in the fields of climate and space engineering, as part of the Seminar Series in the U-M Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering.

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Solar Eclipse 2024

Our scientists and scholars at U-M Climate and Space are leading many initiatives during the Total Solar Eclipse, to help students and citizen scientists expand their understanding of the sun.

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Student Life

Our students benefit from an immersive experience, with opportunities to compete in scientific challenges and travel the world. They enjoy social events with GUStO (Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organization), and they choose from a variety of extracurriculars, ranging from the Michigan Bioastronautics team to the student delegation to the U.N. Convention on Climate Change.

Engineering Across Borders

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Michigan eTrek

Space Physics Research Laboratory celebrates its 75th year.
For 3/4 of a century, the Space Physics Research Laboratory (SPRL) at the University of Michigan has dreamt up and designed instruments to expand our understanding of this world and the galaxy beyond.
Read more about the Space Physics Research Laboratory: