• Parker Solar Probe approaches sun

    Parker Solar Probe: ‘We’re missing something fundamental about the sun’

    First data holds clues to a decades-old mystery, and major implications for space weather prediction Read more »

  • photo of Earth from moon

    Universities’ crucial role in our spacefaring future

    To ensure that our species endures, we must advance space-based technologies and break our interdisciplinary boundaries. Read more »

  • University of Michigan Space Institute banner

    Michigan Engineering's leading role in 20th century space research

    University of Michigan Engineering helped lead space discovery beyond the telescope and into its defining era. Read more »

  • Photo of Qusai Al Shidi

    CLASP research fellow attends GPU Hackathon at Brookhaven National Lab

    Climate & Space research fellow Qusai Al Shidi is a member of the U-M Team Space. Read more »

  • CLASP PhD Dr. Ben Alterman

    Congratulations to new Climate & Space PhD!

    Dr. Benjamin Alterman is our newest PhD. Read more »

The Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Department combines scientific and technological excellence and leadership to explore the Sun, the Earth, our solar system, and the space beyond. We use observations, modeling, and theory to discover and explain phenomena that define our place in the universe, and address the pressing problems associated with global change. As part of the University of Michigan College of Engineering, we inspire our students to develop as intellectually curious, engaged citizens and use our knowledge to inform the public, stakeholders, and policy makers. ​