• BLiSS team wins X-Hab M2M grant

    U-M BLiSS team wins NASA Moon to Mars challenge grant

    This is the seventh consecutive X-Hab Challenge Grant won by the U-M BLiSS team. »

  • Parker Solar Probe approaching the sun

    Parker Solar Probe data consistent with 20-year-old theory

    Magnetic flux findings suggest “profound consequences for basic solar processes.” Read more »

  • Solar Particle Storm. Image credit: NASA

    ‘Largest radio telescope in space’ to improve solar storm warnings

    NASA has selected University of Michigan’s $62M Explorer cubesat mission. Read more »

  • Novel Coronavirus COVID-19_CDC

    COVID-19: U-M Response

    Classes are canceled on March 12-13 and will resume Monday (March 16), delivered remotely in alternative formats through the last day of classes this semester. Read more »

  • CERES image of outgoing longwave radiation. Credit: NASA

    Prof. Huang named co-investigator on NASA Earth Venture Continuity mission

    Libera instrument will help researchers study the radiation budget at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere. Read more »

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