CLASP Seminar Series

Seminars in the U-M Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering will take place in the CSRB Auditorium (Rm 2246) unless otherwise noted and on Zoom. To view the presentation virtually, please use the corresponding links and the passcode from the department email. To request a passcode, please contact us. Video recordings of the seminars will be made available after the presentation on Dropbox.

Winter 2024

DateTimeLocationSpeakerInstitutionAbstract TitleLink/Recording
01/18/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
01/25/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/01/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Laura Bourgeau-ChavezMichigan Tech Research Institute“Assessing SMAP for Enhanced Wildfire Danger Prediction in Boreal-Arctic Ecosystems”Watch Recording
02/08/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/15/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/22/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
03/07/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Lino CamprubiUniversity of Seville“Varieties of Oceanography: A Brief History of Approaches to Physical Oceanography (1800-2024)”
View on Zoom
03/14/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Alexandre RoyUniversité du Québec à Trois-Rivières“Remote Sensing of Northern Regions : Monitoring Climate Change from the Sky”Link coming soon!
03/21/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Cynthia Gerlein-SafdiUniversity of California-Berkeley“Beneath the Sea of Clouds: A New CYGNSS-based Watermask Uncovers the Hidden Seasonality of Tropical Waterbodies and Its Consequences on the Planet’s Carbon Cycle”Link coming soon!
03/28/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246TBATBASpencer LectureLink coming soon!
04/04/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Tristan LecuyerNOAA Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)“Taking Earth’s Temperature”Link coming soon!
04/11/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246TBATBATBALink coming soon!
04/18/20243:30 PMCSRB 2246Gina A. DiBraccioNASA“Characterizing the Impact of Changing Upstream Solar Wind Conditions on the Magnetosphere of Mars”View on Zoom:

Fall 2023

DateTimeLocationSpeakerInstitutionAbstract TitleLink/Recording
09/14/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Ali SulaimanUniversity of Minnesota“The Giant Planets as Unique Laboratories for Space Plasma Processes”View Recording
09/21/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Elsayed R. TalaatSpace Weather Observations
Alumni of the Year: Seminar & ReceptionView Recording
9/28/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Jon MillerU-M Astronomy“Opening New Astrophysics Horizons
with the XRISM Mission”
View Recording
10/5/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Alberto VasquezCONICET: National Scientific and Technical
Research Council – Argentina
“Solar Corona Tomography: Diagnostics and Applications””View on Zoom:
10/12/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Yunjiao PuDuke University“Understanding Lightning Physics: Radio Remote Sensing and Interferometry of Lightning in the Cloud”View on Zoom:
10/19/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Suleiman BarakaUniversity of CalgaryThe Diverse Applications of Our Particle-In-Cell (PIC) Model in
Magnetospheric Environments
10/26/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246VariousUniversity of MichiganFirst Paper Publication Presentations by Students
11/2/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Andrew WintersUniversity of Colorado BoulderRegime-Dependent Predictability of Cold Season Precipitation Events in the
St. Lawrence River Valley
View on Zoom:
11/9/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Josh LeviNorthrop GrummanLessons Learned from JWST Optical Stability TestingView on Zoom:
11/16/20233:30pmCSRB 2246Lucas HarrisNOAA“At the Intersection of Weather and Climate: The NOAA Research Global-Nest Initiative”View on Zoom:
11/30/20233:30pmCRSB 2246Dr. Rixin Li University of California, Berkeley
12/7/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Jia HuangUniversity of California, Berkeley.“Proton Temperatures Observed by the Parker Solar Probe”View on Zoom:


DateTimeLocationSpeakerInstitutionAbstract TitleLink/Recording
9/13/20223:30 PMCSRB 2424Dr. Christopher EldredSandia National Laboratories“Geometric mechanics formulations and structure-preserving discretization in geophysical fluid dynamics”View Recording
9/30/2022NOONCSRB 2424Dr. Michael RomanUniversity of Leicester“The Solar System’s Planetary
Frontiers: Uranus and Neptune”
View Recording

Winter 2023

DateTimeLocationSpeakerInstitutionLink/Abstract TitleLink/Recording
01/05/20233:30 PMCSRB 2246Dr. Shineng HuDuke University: Nicholas School of the Environment “Impacts of Indian Ocean Warming on the Atlantic Ocean Circulation and Climate”View Recording
01/12/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. Jamie RankinPrinceton University: Department of Astrophysical Sciences“Cosmic Rays at Heliospheric Extremes: Key Findings from Voyager and Parker Solar Probe”View Recording
01/19/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
01/24/2023Department SeminarN/A
01/26/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/02/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/09/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/14/2023Department SeminarN/A
02/16/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Department SeminarN/A
02/24/2023Department SeminarN/A
03/09/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. Lori GlazeNASA’s Planetary Science DivisionSpencer LectureView Recording
3/16/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. April HiscoxUniversity of South Carolina “Shallow terrain influences on turbulence in the stable boundary layer”View Recording
3/23/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. Jessica FayneUniversity of Michigan“Mapping Surface Water with Satellite Radar Sensing: Water Extent, Elevation, and Backscatter Measurements from the Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission”View Recording
3/30/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. Jennifer E. KayUniversity of Colorado, Boulder“Processes Controlling the Transition to a Seasonally Ice-free Arctic Ocean In a Warming World”View Recording
4/6/20233:30PMCSRB 2246Dr. Liang ZhaoUniversity of Michigan“From Pioneering Discoveries to Future Horizons: Revolutionizing the Heliophysics Data Analysis with Machine Learning”View Recording
4/13/20233:30PMPierpont Commons, East RoomDr. Richard RoodUniversity of MichiganAddressing Our Climate Future: It Is What We Know Best”Register for the Webinar:
4/20/202311:00AMCSRB 2424Dr. Freja F. ØsterstrømHarvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen“How Does Stratospheric Ozone Respond to Explosive Volcanic Eruptions?”Webinar:

Check back for updates to the schedule.