Climate Solutions Certificate Coursework

More information on how to apply

The Climate Change Solutions Graduate Certificate requires 12 credit hours of coursework, including three core courses and one elective of the student’s choice.  These course can be taken in any order.

Required Core Courses

  1. CLIMATE 480: Climate Change: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving. This core course focuses on physical climate science and how to address its impacts. Skills taught include systems thinking, model-based reasoning, communications, and multi- constituency problem solving.
  2. CEE 565: Seminars on Energy Systems Technology and PolicyThis core course focuses on sustainable energy solutions, with a goal of understanding how we can change our current world energy portfolio to a carbon neutral world, with a focus on systems thinking across supply and demand, and focusing on technology, innovation, and deployment.
  3. EAS 677.041: Resilience Solutions. This core course will focus on integrated engineering/policy approaches to protecting people, infrastructure, and ecosystems to ensure sustainable water, food, energy, livelihoods and health. Resilience has been under-studied for almost 20 years, and the new Global Commission on Adaptation report indicates that urgent science and action must take place in this space.


Students can choose one elective from among a variety of courses offered across the university.  A current list of approved electives can be found here.

Double-Count Credits

In some cases, students may want to “double-count” courses that they are already taking as part of their graduate coursework requirements. As per Rackham Graduate School, 6 of the 12 credits required for the certificate can be double-counted with other requirements.
Please note: the rules for double counting are slightly different for students enrolled in dual Master’s programs.

If you have any questions about the Climate Change Solutions Graduate Certificate Certificate Program, including application and completion requirements, please email our Student Services Office.