Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS)

Contact our Student Services Office for more information about the program: [email protected]

In our increasingly technical world, master’s degrees are becoming the standard in the industry. We offer U-M students a program in which you can complete your undergraduate and master’s level education in five years. You can choose from three Sequential Undergraduate-Graduate Studies (SUGS) programs:

  • Applied Climate
  • Space Engineering
  • Atmospheric and Space Sciences

Our SUGS programs offer breadth, depth, and hands-on experience that allows you to optimize your career opportunities and open doors that a BSE degree alone would not.

SUGS students are allowed to double count up to nine credit hours, and transfer up to six credit hours from their undergraduate program toward their graduate program. Students typically apply to the SUGS program in their senior year, but we encourage you to contact an advisor as early as possible.

How to Enroll to SUGS

SUGS application process:

  • Please note that you must be a current U-M student to be admitted into the SUGS program.
  • Complete the SUGS application, which must be signed by your undergraduate advisor.
  • Meet with SUGS program advisor (see below) to discuss your plans in the program and to sign the form.
  • Submit your application to the Graduate Student Office, where it will be reviewed for approval. The approval will be for SUGS programs only.
  • Apply for your MS/MEng degree with the appropriate School or College (see below).
SUGS/Master of Engineering in Applied Climate

The MEng Applied Climate program is a professional degree designed for students interested in applying a basic understanding of climate science to engineered solutions requiring adaptation to weather extremes associated with regional climate change or mitigation of regional and global climate change through actions such as altered emissions of gases and aerosols.

Apply through the College of Engineering (Program Code 02051).

SUGS/Master of Engineering in Space Engineering

The MEng Space Engineering program teaches a systems approach to conceiving, designing, managing, and operating complex space systems, and provides you with practical experience in space system design, project development, and management. These are the very skills that the space industry is looking for when hiring new engineers.

Apply through the College of Engineering (Program Code 01867).

SUGS/Master of Science in Atmospheric and Space Sciences 

The MS in Atmospheric and Space Sciences is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of atmospheric and space science, and the various components of each system. You will gain a deeper insight into one of the disciplines, preparing you for further graduate studies or a knowledge-intensive job market. 

Apply through the Rackham Graduate School (Program Code 02221).

Financial Aid 

Information about the cost of attending the University of Michigan is available from the Office of Registrar. You may also apply for need-based funding, typically a student loan, through the University’s Office of Financial Aid.


Contact our Student Services Office for more information about the program: [email protected].