Tristan Rendfrey

Tristan Rendfrey

Graduate Student


Climate & Space Research Building 2455 Hayward Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143


B.S. Mathematics, Colorado State University (2019)

Research Interests

I’m interested in dynamics which control moisture transport across the planet. In particular, I like to study the effects of Antarctic/Southern Ocean conditions on water vapor circulation.


Blankers, V, T. Rendfrey, A. Shukert, and P.D. Shipman. 2019., Julia and Mandelbrot sets for dynamics over the hyperbolic numbers Fractal Fract. 3, no. 1: 6.

Rendfrey, T., M. Bukovsky, and S. McGinnis, 2018. “NA-CORDEX Visualization Collection” UCAR/NCAR, (Non-peer reviewed.)