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  •  Prof. Ruf sums up CYGNSS inaugural season on first anniversary of mission launch
  •  Day One at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting
  • Professor Bassis comments on Antarctic glacier collapse in two recent articles
  •  Professor Poulsen elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science


Ryan Dewey

Ryan Dewey came to CLaSP from the University of Colorado, where he did work in the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). While there, he was introduced to two CLaSP faculty members whose research was interest to him. Ryan is currently a Ph.D candidate with a couple of years to go for his doctorate. His research focus is “a combination of space physics, magnetospheric physics, and comparative planetology.”

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Space Weather Modeling Framework

Most of the time, the Sun’s continuous emission of magnetic energy and plasma has only a minimal effect on the Earth. However, occasionally a solar magnetic eruption can occur that sends a shock wave through our solar system. Should this shock wave impact our planet, many man made technological systems can be catastrophically damaged. To be better prepared, Michigan researchers are continuously developing and improving the Space Weather Modeling Framework. This software framework has the capability to model the solar wind emanating from the Sun all the way to its interaction with Earth’s magnetosphere and the impact on the surface of the Earth. As they detect and model the Sun’s behavior our ability to predict when a severe space weather event will happen is further improved, and we are also that much safer from the disasters that occur when our power grids, communication systems and satellites are disrupted by the effects of solar magnetic eruptions. Both NOAA and NASA have taken Michigan's advanced simulation capability and adapted it to a real time space weather forecasting tool.