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  • Parker Solar Probe begins its journey to the Sun
  •  Wunderground Big House weather station online and ready for football season!
  • Parker Solar Probe Q & A with Prof. Justin Kasper
  •  Prof. Gombosi interviewed on Australia's Sky News program
  •  Dr. Tuija Pulkkinen named next CLaSP Department Chair


Xi Chen

Xi Chen came to CLaSP from Peking University, where he earned a BS in Atmospheric Sciences. He says it was the University of Michigan’s “excellent reputation worldwide” that influenced his decision to come to Climate & Space for his PhD. Xi is currently an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University's program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL).

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Parker Solar Probe Mission Launches!

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission launched Aug. 12 at 3:31 a.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The mission will be the first to fly directly through the Sun’s corona – the hazardous region of intense heat and solar radiation in the Sun’s atmosphere that is visible during an eclipse. It will gather data that could help answer questions about solar physics that have puzzled scientists for decades. Climate & Space prof. Justin Kasper is principal investigator for the Parker Solar Probe's Solar Wind Electrons Alphas and Protons (SWEAPS) instrument suite. The mission will launch from Cape Canaveral later this month. Read more about Parker Solar Probe here: