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  •  Dr. Carolyn Kuranz Wins 2017 LAD Early Career Award
  • Professor Jeremy Bassis Wins PECASE Award
  •  Professor Mark Moldwin Receives the 2016 Waldo E. Smith Union Award
  •  CYGNSS Hurricane Mission Measures “First Light” Science Data

Alumni Spotlight: Aisha Bowe

Aisha Bowe

Alumna Aisha Bowe is the co-founder and CEO of STEMBoard, a technology solutions company that works to close the achievement gap by empowering historically underrepresented youth to help build transformational technologies.

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Professor Ricky Rood Discusses the Future of Weather Forecasting

Climate & Space Professor Richard Rood took part in a discussion on the subject of the Future of Weather Forecasting as part of The Weather Channel's WX Geeks program. The National Weather Service recently announced this past fall that it is developing a new model to replace the Global Forecast System (GFS). The (GFS) is a weather forecast model created by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), and its data includes dozens of atmospheric variables such as temperature, wind, precipitation, soil moisture and atmospheric ozone concentration. The new version of the GFS will retain the name, but the underlying model will change. The Future of Weather Forecasting discussion addressed such questions as the differences between the US and European forecasting models, in what ways the new GFS will differ the old model, and what forecasting advancements we might see in the near future.