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  •   PNAS paper by CLaSP researchers presents new data on effects of radiative cooling
  • 2017 Nelson W. Spencer Lecture - Professor Margaret Kivelson
  • CLaSP Seminar Series - Professor John Wygant
  •  Professor Huang is Contributing to a Newly Selected ESA Mission Study


Ryan Dewey

Ryan Dewey came to CLaSP from the University of Colorado, where he did work in the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). While there, he was introduced to two CLaSP faculty members whose research was interest to him. Ryan is currently a Ph.D candidate with a couple of years to go for his doctorate. His research focus is “a combination of space physics, magnetospheric physics, and comparative planetology.”

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Upcoming Events

Professor Sue Lepri on Women in Engineering

CLaSP Professor Sue Lepri talks about what led her to a career in engineering. Her research centers around heliosphyics, including determining the sources of the solar wind, unraveling the physics of coronal mass ejections, and tracing dust and gas particles to their sources and acceleration mechanisms in the heliosphere.Professor Lepri also leads a team of scientists and engineers at the University of Michigan in the development of portions of the Heavy Ion Sensor (HIS) which will be launched onboard the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter mission in 2019. HIS will measure the chemical composition of the solar wind in the inner heliosphere for the first time.