Cole Dorman

Cole Dorman

Graduate Student



Climate & Space Research Building University of Michigan 2455 Hayward Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143


B.S. Physics, Astronomy

Minor Mathematics

University of Iowa, 2022

Research Interests

My research focuses on modifying commercial, off the shelf magneto-inductive sensors to self-calibrate using Helmholtz coils for tetrahedron spacecraft constellations. Chip-based inductive magnetometers are cost-efficient and lessen spacecraft constraints but are subject to best measuring the drift in magnetic fields as opposed to the absolute magnetic field. When surrounded by triaxial Helmholtz coils, known magnetic pulses are produced by the coils to differentiate ‘generated’ versus sensor ‘output’ magnetic fields and quantify the measurement drift of the encompassed commercial sensor. The known measurement drift leads to a correction factor that is applied to data post-processing. This pulse, calibrate, and correct procedure is automated to create low-cost, manufacturable self-calibrating magnetometers for spacecraft constellations needing stable, high-cadence sampling sensors for precise inter-spacecraft communication.

Space Physics Instrumentation, Self-Calibrating Magnetometers


University of Michigan Climate and Space Science and Engineering Departmental Fellowship (2022)


Dorman, C. J., Piker, C., and Miles, D. M.: Automated Static Magnetic Cleanliness Screening for the TRACERS Small-Satellite Mission, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2022.