Chris Bert PhD

Congratulations to our new Climate & Space PhD!

After receiving his doctoral degree, Dr. Chris Bert will pursue postdoctoral researcher positions where he will continue to develop future deep space plasma instrumentation.

Another CLASP doctoral student has successfully defended their dissertation.

Dr. Chris Bert

Defense Date: May 21, 2024

Dissertation Title: “A New Space Weather Faraday Cup and Large Scale Structures in the Solar Wind”.

Faculty Advisors: Associate Professor Jim Raines and Professor Justin Kasper

Dr. Chris Bert will be pursuing postdoctoral laboratory positions where he can continue to develop future deep space plasma instrumentation. He has developed a passion for the design and proposal process and is eager to apply the knowledge gained from the Space Systems MEng program and his doctoral research at CLaSP. Additionally, he is looking forward to maintaining connections with the Solar & Heliospheric Research Group at Michigan, where he will work on mass spectroscopy, and, if chosen, the Space Weather Faraday Cup.

Congratulations, Dr. Chris Bert!

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