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AGU Presents Outstanding Student Presentation Awards to U-M Researchers

Several students at U-M Climate and Space have been honored with the prestigious AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award.

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) honored several students from the University of Michigan Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering for their research presentations at the AGU Annual Meeting held in San Francisco, California.

Students Chongxing Fan, Maya Fields, and Alex Hoffmann received the Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) for their presentations, an honor that is only awarded for the most exceptional presentations given during AGU 2023 Annual Meeting..

The primary goal of OSPA is to provide student presenters at AGU meetings valuable feedback about their research and presentation skills to help them advance their careers. To be eligible for the award, students must be pursuing a high school, undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate degree at the time of the meeting. They also must also be the lead author of the abstract they present. The honor includes a monetary award, as specified by each division.

Students receiving the Outstanding Student Presentation Award include:

  • Chongxing Fan, Ph.D., for his presentation “Address Climate Model Bias by Refining Radiation Scheme: Examples and Future Perspectives”
  • Maya Fields, for her presentation “Forecasting the onset of surface melt over Antarctic ice shelves using CMIP6 models”
  • Alex Hoffmann, Ph.D., for his presentation “Wavelet-Adaptive Interference Cancellation for Underdetermined Platforms: A Noise Removal Technique for CubeSat Magnetometry”

Congratulations to the student honorees!

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