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Two Named Plasma Science and Engineering Fellows at MIPSE

Graduate students Talha Arshad and Tyler Eddy have been named Fellows of the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering.

Two students from U-M Climate and Space have been named fellows of the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering for the 2023-24 academic year. The new MIPSE Fellows representing the department include Talha Arshad and Tyler Eddy.

MIPSE sponsors competitive fellowships to students participating in the Graduate Certificate in Plasma Science and Engineering. The fellowships may be awarded to incoming or current students. The fellowships provide a $4,500 research fund for enhancing the fellow’s graduate experience. The graduate students will also have the opportunity to be partners with MIPSE on many exciting projects.

Congratulations to the new fellows with their advisors:

  • Talha Arshad
    Professor Gabor Toth, Advisor
  • Tyler Eddy
    Professor Sue Lepri, Advisor

Sponsored by the University of Michigan, the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering brings together plasma researchers from Michigan universities to investigate fundamental phenomena and translate advances in plasma science into society benefiting technologies.

MIPSE supports graduate and undergraduate research through internships and degree programs, provides seed funding to investigate new areas of plasma related science and engineering, fosters interdisciplinary research, connects with industry, sponsors visitors and seminars, and serves as a forum for outreach to the community.

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