Thank You for Your Support!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Climate and Space thanks our donors from Giving BlueDay! Your contributions support a department committed to exploration, research, and serving the common good:

  • We focus on exploration and fundamentals. We cover the processes from design and construction to operation, from numerical algorithms to machine learning methodologies and models that describe the Earth and solar system.
  • This research is now more relevant than ever: The newly released IPCC report highlights the critical moments the planet is living in terms of taking measures to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate. Our research brings critical information about the processes governing the global warming and its consequences, and we give our students an education about the climate system that is applicable in a wide variety of jobs in the academia, industry, and the public and private sectors.
  • Space exploration has provided us detailed pictures of the Sun, our neighboring planets, and the hostile radiation belts around our own planet. With the growing space industry and rapidly increasing number of satellites in Earth orbit, space weather is becoming an increasingly relevant issue not only for space exploration but a whole host of services using space-borne applications.
  • Your Giving Blueday gift will help us proactively respond to societal needs by funding novel applications ranging from ocean microplastics tracking to monitoring space weather on the Moon. The Michigan Space Institute, based at CLaSP, engages students, faculty, and stakeholders U-M wide and beyond. A new Ideation Laboratory under construction will be a collaboration space for students and faculty not only dreaming big, but also acting on those dreams.
  • Every gift matters. Climate change, severe weather, rising sea levels, and space weather impacts in space and on our power systems require CLaSP’s fundamental scientific understanding and practical solutions. With your gift we can support our graduates in developing solutions that will shape the future of climate and space sciences.

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