CLASP Prof. Jeremy Bassis

Prof. Bassis comments on climate message of “Don’t Look Up” film

“We don’t have to wait for national or international agreements. We can instead work with local communities to develop mitigation plans and adaptation plans to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change.”


In the new Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up,” two actors playing fictional Michigan State University astronomers discover a comet on a collision course with Earth and struggle to convince people to take them seriously. The film is a satire about society’s inability to cope with climate change.

Climate & Space Prof. Jeremy Bassis is among several real-world scientists from the University of Michigan who commented on the movie’s climate-change messages in a new experts advisory.

Jeremy Bassis
Prof. Jeremy Bassis

“‘Don’t Look Up’ is an obvious metaphor for climate and our collective lack of action,” Bassis said. “There is some pitch perfect exasperation that nobody is listening to scientists. But ultimately where the metaphor fails—and where we can draw hope—is that we as scientists and members of the community aren’t powerless actors…”

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