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Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

Engineer in Research-Lead

Office: 1207 SRB
Phone: 763-5373
Fax: 763-5567


  • Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering, University of Michigan
  • Master of Science Computer Engineering, University of Michigan



  • ABEL programming
  • CCD imaging electronic design
  • Web programming
  • VHDL FPGA logic design
  • Digital circuit design
  • electrical engineer
  • Ada programming
  • VHDL gate array design
  • Data analysis programming
  • Calibration test setups
  • Assembly language programming
  • C/C++ programming
  • TCP/IP network programming
  • Real time programming

Specializations and Research Interests

  • Developed microcontroller-based control electronics and non-volatile mass storage electronics for Antarctic Magnetometer instrument.
  • Developed embedded control electronics, including rad-hard 8051-based flight computer, utilizing Actel FPGAs and VHDL for TIMED-TIDI.
  • Designed, implemented and tested teh control and analog processing electronics for the CCD-based imaging system for TIMED-TIDI.
  • Developed ground support equipment (including development of custom hardware and real-time software for spacecraft simultors) for CEMS, Cassini GCMS and INMS, Plantet-B NMS and TPA, CONTOUR NGIMS, and JPL MUSES-CN asteroid rover.
  • Modified and enhanced real-time software rumming on VME single-board-computer using Ready Systems VRTX RTOS.
  • Developed data acquisition and display software using X-Windows/Motif and C++/MFC
  • Designed and developed Oracle based database back-end for instrument data storage for NGIMS project.
  • Ported INMS flight software to new Ada compiler and made modifications and performance enhancements to real-time software.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments


Charge-Coupled Devices, Cameras and Applications coursework

University of California - Los Angeles

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