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Kenneth Arnett

Kenneth Arnett

Electronics Engineer
Office: 1131 SRB
Phone: 936-0885
Fax: 763-5567


Bachelor of Science in Electricial Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Analog electronics, low-voltage power supplies, high voltage power supplies.


  • Analog elctronics
  • High voltage power design
  • Low voltage power design

Personal Introduction

  • Flight Instruments
    • MSX-CEMS - Low Voltage Power Supply
    • Huygens-GCMS - GCMS Analog Electronics
    • Cassini-INMS Analog Electronics
    • TOMS Low voltage Power supply
    • Planet B-NMS Analog Electronics
    • TIMED-TIDI Low voltage Power Supply
    • Rosetta-Rosina-DFMS Analog Electronics
    • CONTOUR-NGIMS Analog Electronics
    • MESSENGER-FIPS High Voltage Power Supplies
    • Mars Phoenix - TEGA MS Low Voltage and High voltage Power Supplies
  • Non-flight Instruments
    • MAGIC Greenland Autonomous Magnetometer
    • PENGUIn Antarctic Low Power Magnetometer

Specializations and Research Interests

  • Design and development of high reliability precision analog electronics including low voltage power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies (up to 15kV) for electrostatic deflection systems, ion-pumps, electron multipliers, and micro-channel plates
  • Custom magnetic devices (both low and high voltage)
  • Power swtich and in-rush current cotnrol
  • Custom hybrid design and packaging
  • High efficiency power systems and integrated structural electrical assemblies
  • High voltage insulator design
  • Custom high voltage connector design
  • Gamma ray radiation testing and analysis of elctronic parts
Updated: 2010-07-09