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Carolyn Kuranz
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Carolyn C. Kuranz

Associate Research Professor

Project Director

Center for Laser Experimental Astrophysical Research

Office: 1424A SRB
Phone: 734-615-6282
Fax: 734 647-3083
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A.B. 2002, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
Majors: Physics (with Honors)
Advisor: Peter Beckmann

Ph.D, April 2009, Applied Physics
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Advisor: R. Paul Drake


The Center for Laser Experimental Astrophysical Research (CLEAR) models and creates hot, dense plasma to study the physical mechanisms that matter for astrophysical phenomena including supernova explosions, supernova remnant evolution, and the collisions of shock waves with molecular clouds. Our work involves both experiments and theory of astrophysical systems and plasmas. We model, design and create plasma experiments, analyze data and develop new diagnostic techniques.  

Specializations and Research Interests

High-Energy-Density Physics, Laboratory Astrophysics, Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Plasma Physics, Radiation Hydrodynamics, Magnetized Plasmas

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

 Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award

American Astronomical Society Laboratory Astrophysics Division Early Career Award

Professional Service

Member, Radiation dominated plasma and material properties panel, Research Needs Workshop on High

Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas, Rockville, MD, November 2009

Member, Executive Committee for the American Physical Society Topical Group of Plasma Astrophysics

Member, Interface and shear instabilities panel, Workshop on Opportunities in Plasma Astrophysics,

Princeton, NJ, January 2010

Reviewer, Department of Energy, Oce of Science Graduate Award Fellowship

Reviewer, Omega Laser Facility, Laboratory for Basic Science review panel, 2010-2013

Chair and organizer of Hydrodynamics of Supernovae and Astrophysical Jets in the Laboratory and the

Universe session in the American Astronomical Society Meeting-in-a-Meeting, Bridging Laboratory and

Astrophysics: Frontiers in Plasma Astrophysics

Member, Program Committee, American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics 2010,

2014, 2016

 Member, Experimental Panel, Material Mixing Workshop, Santa Fe, NM, January 2011

Member, Panel on Work/Life Balance in Graduate School, Graduate Society of Women in Engineering

 Judge, Michigan Institute of Plasma Studies Student Poster Session 2011

Member, Steering Committee, International Conference on High Energy Density Physics

(ICHED), 2011- present

Member, Scientic Organizing Committee of the International High Energy Density Lab-

oratory Astrophysics, 2012

Founding Chair, Jupiter Laser User Group, 2012 - present

Member, Executive Committee, Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering,

2012 - present

Chair, Subcommittee on High Energy Density Physics of the Division of Plasma Physics

Program Committee

 Research Faculty Advisor, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, 2009-present

University of Michigan, Applied Physics Admissions Committee

Member at Large, Executive Committee, Division of Plasma Physics, 2014 - present

Member, AOSS Candidacy Exam Committee

Journal Referee

Physics of Plasmas

Journal of Instrumentation

New Journal of Physics

High Energy Density Physics


Selected Publications (See CV for full list)


M. J-E. Manuel, C.C. Kuranz, A.M. Rasmus, S. Klein, M.J. Macdonald, M.R. Trantham, J.R. Fein,

P.X. Belancourt, R.P. Young, P.A. Keiter, R.P. Drake, B.B. Pollack, J. Park, A.U. Hazi, G.J. Williams,

and H. Chen, "Experimental results from magnetized-jet experiments at the Jupiter Laser Facility,"

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C.A. Di Stefano, G. Malamud, C.C. Kuranz, S.R. Klein, C. Stoeckl, R.P. Drake "Richtmyer-Meshkov

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Updated: 2018-09-04