Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan


Yaoxian Huang

Yaoxian Huang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Office: 1541A


Ph.D., Michigan Technological University, Environmental Engineering, 2014/12

BS/MS, East China University of Science and Technology, Environmental Engineering, 2006/2009

Specializations and Research Interests

Atmospheric chemistry and climate modeling; greenhouse gas quantification and attribution; impacts of anthropogenic emissions on air quality, climate and health; aerosol-cloud-climate interaction; impacts of climate change on air quality; satellite remote sensing.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

  • MTU Doctoral Finishing Fellowship, 2014 Fall
  • MTU Dean’s Outstanding Award, 2014 Fall
  • NSF Early Career Scientist Travel Award, 2014 Summer

Professional Service

  • Member of American Geophysical Union
  • Journal article reviewer: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics; Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres; Atmospheric Environment; Science of the Total Environment; Climatic Change; Aerosol and Air Quality Research; Atmosphere; Journal of Advances in Meteorology. 
  • Proposal reviewer: Yale YIBS small grant program



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Updated: 2018-01-01