Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Climate & Space Undergraduate Students

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  1. Kitty   Ascrizzi

    Kitty Ascrizzi

  2. Bobby  Deeg

    Bobby Deeg

    Meteorology Concentration

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  3. Corinne  Florie

    Corinne Florie

    Space Sciences and Engineering

  4. Ian Hoeck

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  5. Geoffrey Jenkins

  6. Kevin  Leander

    Kevin Leander

  7. Gabby  Lefebvre

    Gabby Lefebvre

    Space Science & Engineering Degree

  8. Mary M Lund

    Mary Lund

    Earth Systems Science and Engineering/Meteorology Student

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  9. Austin  McDowell

    Austin McDowell

    Meteorology Concentration

  10. Rafal  Ogorek

    Rafal Ogorek

  11. Kathleen  Riker

    Kathleen Riker

    Space Weather Concentration

  12. Ramon  Rodriguez

    Ramon Rodriguez

  13. Tyler  Underwood

    Tyler Underwood

    Climate and Meteorology Degree

  14. Karlie  Wells

    Karlie Wells

    Climate and Meteorology Degree

  15. Christopher  Winkelmann

    Christopher Winkelmann

    Space Sciences and Engineering