Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Administrative Staff

  1. Rick Baker

    Research Operations Manager

    • Rick Baker
    • Phone: 764-9461
    • Email:
  2. Jan Beltran

    Sr. Administrative Assistant to the Director, CLEAR

    • Jan Beltran
    • Phone: 734 936-0494
    • Email:
  3. Darla Briggs

    Research Administrator

  4. Darren Britten-Bozzone

    Systems Administrator Intermediate

  5. Debbie  Chamberlain

    Debbie Chamberlain

    Finance Manager

  6. Lindsay  Coleman

    Lindsay Coleman

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor 

  7. Shannon   Coon

    Shannon Coon

    Administrative Assistant Inter.

  8. Deborah K Eddy

    Deborah K Eddy

    Administrative Assistant / Assistant Editor

  9. Judi M. Ford

    Judi M. Ford

    Grants & Contracts Acct. Assoc.

  10. Shun  Han

    Shun Han

    Applications Programmer Senior

    • Shun Han
    • Phone: 647-0472
    • Email:
  11. Laura Hopkins

    Administrative Assistant Senior

  12. Cheri Johnson

    Research Administrator

  13. Sallee R. Klein

    Sallee R. Klein

    Engineer in Research

  14. Rachel Long

    Human Resources Coordinator

  15. Marie McKnight

    Research Administrator

  16. Kevin McLaughlin

    Data Security Analyst

  17. Elaine Meinzer

    Research Process Coordinator

  18. Laurie Miller-Raven

    Grants & Contracts Accountant

  19. Marti  Moon

    Marti Moon

    Facilities Manager

    • Marti Moon
    • Phone: 647-3420
    • Email:
  20. Mary Nehls-Frumkin

    Department & Communications Manager

  21. Kathy  Norris

    Kathy Norris

    Research Administrator

  22. Faye  Ogasawara

    Faye Ogasawara

    IT Manager

  23. EJ  Olsen

    EJ Olsen

    Marketing and Communications Specialist

    • EJ Olsen
    • Phone: 734-764-5235
    • Email:
  24. Sandra  Pytlinski

    Sandra Pytlinski

    Graduate Student  Services Coordinator

  25. Josh Synowiec

    Lab Manager

  26. Eidilia  Thomas

    Eidilia Thomas

    Assistant to the Chair; Administrative Assistant Senior

  27. Bryan K White

    Desktop Support Specialist