Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan


Liang Zhao

Liang Zhao

Assitant Research Scientist

Office: 2127
Phone: 734-936-7262



Ph.D, Univesity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2011

(Thesis co-advisors: Dr. Lennard A. Fisk and Thomas H. Zurbuchen)

M.S(2005), B.S(2002), Peking University, Beijing, China

(advisor: Prof. Tu, Chuanyi)

Specializations and Research Interests

  • Dynamics, composition, acceleration, heating and evolution of solar wind
  • Heliopsheric magnetic field
  • Spectroscopic observations

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

  • Selected as one of the ten winners of the Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Awards of the University of Michigan in 2015
  • NSF Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2014
  • Selected to attend the 2014 inaugural CAS-NAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences and U.S. National Academy of Sciences) Forum for New Leaders in Space Science, 2014.
  • NASA LWS Jack Eddy (Heliophysics) postdoctoral fellowship, Dec. of 2010-Mar. of 2013
  • NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF), 2009, and 2010
  • The First place of Michigan Geophysical Meeting (MGU) ---Thomas M. Donahue Memorial Student Award, at University of Michigan, 2009
  • The Dean fellowship at the Universityof Michigan, 2005
  • The "Excellent article of youth" award, by the Center for Space Science and Applied Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2004.
  • The “May 4th Youth” scholarship for graduate student at Peking University of China, 2002-2003
  • The Excellent Student award at Peking University of China, 2002-2003


Professional Service

  • Panelist for NASA and NSF proposal review panels. 
  • Frequent reviewer of The Astrophysical Journal, Solar Physics, Science China Technological Sciences, Solar wind 12, 13 & 14 conference proceedings, the 12th international astrophysics conference proceeding, and also constantly serve as NCAR’s internal journal article reviewer.
  • Reviewer for NSF SHINE proposals
  • Reviewer for NSF postdoctral fellowship proposals
  • Session Chair: in the Flare/CME/Space Weather student session, in SHINE workshop Santa Fe, NM, 2010.
  • Class Instructor: For the class of “Physics of the Space Environment”, given by Prof. Tamas Gombosi, in the department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan, in the fall term of 2006, 2008, and 2009.  
  • Outreach: 
    1. Volunteer in NCAR’s Supper Science Saturday event, on Oct. 29, 2011, Boulder, CO   
    2. Presenter at Career day event in Clague middle school, 2015 and 2017, Ann arbor, MI 


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