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Kristopher Klein
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Kristopher G Klein

Research Fellow

Office: 2127 Space Research Building
Phone: 734-936-7262


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics; University of Iowa, 2013

Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Mathematics; Luther College, 2008


My research focuses on the application of kinetic plasma physics theory to numerical simulations and in situ observations of the solar wind, especially concerning the damping of turbulence and the associated irreversible heating. The goal of my work is to better characterize the evolution of the Sun's extended atmosphere as it is accelerated from the solar surface and expands through the heliosphere. Such work takes advantage of national high performance computing resources and state of the art measurements from current and upcoming NASA spacecraft, and will potentially lead to an improved understanding of the behavior of heliospheric phenomena as well as contribute to better characterizations of fundamental physics processes occurring in systems ranging from laboratory and fusion plasmas to black hole accretion disks and the quiescent interstellar medium. I am currently preparing theoretical predictions, in collaboration with Prof. Justin Kasper and the SWEAP science team, for the upcoming Solar Probe Plus mission, which when launched in 2018 will provide observations of novel regions of the near-Sun environment.

Specializations and Research Interests

Space and Astrophysical Plasmas, Solar Wind Turbulence, Damping and Dissipation of Kinetic Plasmas, Gyrokinetic Simulations.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

NSF AGS Postdoctoral Research Fellow: 2014-2016
University of Iowa Goertz/Nicholson Memorial Scholarship: 2012

Professional Service

Government Service:
Panelist and External Reviewer for NASA
Panelist and External Reviewer for NSF
Professional Service:
SHINE Workshop Session Organizer:2015,2016
Journal Referee: 
Journal of Plasma of Physics, Physics of Plasmas, Astrophysical Journal Letters, The Astrophysical Journal, Annales Geophysicae
American Geophysical Union, American Physical Society - Division of Plasma Physics


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