Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

SPRL Engineers and Staff

John Eder

John Eder

Research Project Engineer

Safety Manager

Office: 1113 SRB
Phone: 936-0523
Fax: 763-5567


Bachelor of Science Engineering, University of Michigan

Ann Arbor



Spaceflight materials, processes, contamination control, quality assurance, EEE parts, safety.


Personal Introduction

  • Flight Instruments 
    • NATE, NACE,VAE (EEE Parts Coordinator)
    • PV/OETP, ONMS (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • LANG, NACS, WATS, FPI (R&QA Manager)
    • STS-9 (SL1) ISO, IECM/MS (R&QA Manager)
    • STS-2,-3,-4 IECM/MS2 (R&QA Manager)
    • STS-34 GALILEO/NMS (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • STS-48 UARS/HRDI (R&QA Manager)
    • TOMS/ELM FM3,4,5 (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • STS-75 TSS-1R/SETS (R&QA Manager)
    • CASSINI/INMS, HUYGENS PROBE/GCMS (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • TIMED/TIDI (R&QA Manager)
    • ROSETTA/ROSINA (Electronics R&QA Manaager)
    • Messenger/FIPS (R&QA Manager)
    • Phoenix/TEGA Power Supply (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • MSL/SAM (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • LADEE/NMS (Electronics R&QA Manager)
    • MAVEN/NGIMS (Electronics R&QA Manager)

Specializations and Research Interests

  • Manage safety, reliability and quality assurance efforts for spaceflight research spectrometers, interferometers and other instruments developed under contracts with NASA and other agencies. 
  • Interpret contract requirements, and prepare implementation plans, specifications, procedures and related documentation for work conducted at SPRL and by subcontractors. 
  • Evaluate vendors, perform source inspections, and audit assurance systems. 
  • Participate in programmatic and technical meetings in-house and with sponsors and subcontractors. 
  • Conduct training classes in technical skill areas. 
  • Inspect and critique hardware built by technical staff, assign rework, and provide input to managment on workmanship quality. 
  • Perform assurance tasks in areas of parts, materials, and processes, and quality systems such as non-conformance control, configuration managment, procurement and property control. 
  • Administrative functions include preparing schedules, cost estimates, status reports and supervision of the Parts Department.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

  • 2007 College of Engineering Excellence in Staff Service Award Winner 
  • University of Michigan "M-Quality" Team Leader Training
  • NASA GSFC WM-001B (ANSI S20.20) ESD Control Level B Instructor
  • NASA-STD-8739.3 Hand Soldering Inspector
  • NASA-STD-8739.4 Surface Mount Technology Inspector
  • NASA-STD-8739.1 Staking & Conformal Coating Inspector
  • Engineering Documentation Control CEE training

Professional Service

Member, American Society for Quality Control

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