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Faith Vowler

Faith M Vowler

MENG-Space Engineering

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University of Michigan College of Engineering: AOSS Department (Class of 2015)


I work as an undergraduate research assistant to Professor Mark Moldwin and Theresa Carranza-Fulmer. We study the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the Earth. My particular project focuses on the study of Earth's magnetic field during times of low geomagnetic activity.

In the past, I worked with heliospheric science with Professor Thomas Zurbuchen and Dr. Sue Lepri.

Personal Introduction

My name is Faith Vowler, and I am a senior in the AOSS department, concentrating in Space Weather. I am also working towards dual minors in Physics and in Astronomy & Astrophysics. My ultimate passion is space and learning more about it. I am interested in all types of space study, planetary science in particular (especially the study of exoplanets). I am involved in or collaborate with multiple science-related groups on campus, and I always love meeting new people with all different passions, especially in the STEM fields. Feel free to email me at any time with inquiries or just to say hello.

Specializations and Research Interests


Space Weather

Earth Magnetospheric Science

Other Interests:


Planetary Science

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