Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Climate & Space Faculty

  1. Ángel F.  Adames-Corraliza

    Ángel F. Adames-Corraliza

    Assistant Professor

  2. Spiro  Antiochos

    Spiro Antiochos

    Adjunct Professor

  3. Brian  Arbic

    Brian Arbic

    Associate Professor

    • Brian Arbic
    • Phone: 734-615-4941
  4. Sushil  Atreya

    Sushil Atreya


  5. Jeremy N. Bassis

    Jeremy N. Bassis

    Associate Professor

  6. Stephen W Bougher

    Stephen W Bougher

    Andrew F. Nagy Collegiate Research Professor

  7. John P Boyd

    John P Boyd


    • John P Boyd
    • Phone: (734) 764-3338
  8. Xiuhong  Chen

    Xiuhong Chen

    Assistant Research Scientist

  9. Michael R Combi

    Michael R Combi

    Freeman D. Miller Collegiate Research Professor

  10. James  Cutler

    James Cutler

    Associate Professor

    • James Cutler
    • Phone: (734) 615-7238
  11. Roger D. De Roo

    Roger D. De Roo

    Lecturer IV and Associate Research Scientist

  12. Darren  De Zeeuw

    Darren De Zeeuw

    Associate Research Scientist

  13. R Paul  Drake

    R Paul Drake

    Henry S. Carhart Collegiate Professor of Space Sciences

    • R Paul Drake
    • Phone: (734) 763-4072
  14. Anthony (Tony) W England

    Anthony (Tony) W England

    Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, College of Engineering

  15. Lennard A Fisk

    Lennard A Fisk

    Thomas M. Donahue Distinguished University Professor of Space Science

  16. Mark  Flanner

    Mark Flanner

    Associate Professor

    • Mark Flanner
    • Phone: (734) 615-3605
  17. Richard A. Frazin

    Richard A. Frazin

    Associate Research Scientist

  18. Ayumi  Fujisaki-Manome

    Ayumi Fujisaki-Manome

    Assistant Research Scientist

  19. Natalia  Ganjushkina

    Natalia Ganjushkina

    Associate Research Scientist

  20. Brian E Gilchrist

    Brian E Gilchrist


  21. George M. Gloeckler

    George M. Gloeckler

    Research Professor

  22. Tamas I Gombosi

    Tamas I Gombosi

    Konstantin I. Gringauz Distinguished University Professor of Space Science

  23. Kenneth C Hansen

    Kenneth C Hansen

    Research Associate Professor

  24. Xianglei  Huang

    Xianglei Huang

    Associate Professor

  25. Zhenguang  Huang

    Zhenguang Huang

    Assistant Research Scientist

  26. Christiane  Jablonowski

    Christiane Jablonowski

    Associate Professor

  27. Xianzhe  Jia

    Xianzhe Jia

    Associate Professor

  28. Justin C. Kasper

    Justin C. Kasper

    Associate Professor

  29. Gretchen  Keppel-Aleks

    Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

    Assistant Professor

  30. Margaret  G. Kivelson

    Margaret G. Kivelson

    Research Professor

  31. Eric A. Kort

    Eric A. Kort

    Assistant Professor

  32. Carolyn C. Kuranz

    Carolyn C. Kuranz

    Associate Research Professor

  33. Enrico  Landi

    Enrico Landi


  34. Susan T. Lepri

    Susan T. Lepri

    Associate Professor

  35. Michael W. Liemohn

    Michael W. Liemohn


  36. Stefano  Livi

    Stefano Livi

    Research Professor

  37. Ward (Chip) B Manchester IV

    Ward (Chip) B Manchester IV

    Research Professor

  38. Frank J Marsik

    Frank J Marsik

    Lecturer IV and Associate Research Scientist

  39. Germán  Martínez

    Germán Martínez

    Assistant Research Scientist

  40. Darren  McKague

    Darren McKague

    Associate Research Scientist


  41. Mark B. Moldwin

    Mark B. Moldwin

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Associate Chair for Academic Affairs

  42. Richard J Niciejewski

    Richard J Niciejewski

    Lecturer I and Associate Research Scientist

  43. Jonathan T Overpeck

    Jonathan T Overpeck

    Samuel A Graham Dean, Professor of Environment and Sustainability

  44. Christopher D. Parkinson

    Christopher D. Parkinson

    Associate Research Scientist

  45. Ashley E. Payne

    Ashley E. Payne

    Assistant Professor

  46. Joyce E Penner

    Joyce E Penner

    Ralph J. Cicerone Distinguished University Professor of Atmospheric Science

  47. Christopher J Poulsen

    Christopher J Poulsen


  48. Tuija  Pulkkinen

    Tuija Pulkkinen

    Professor and Chair

  49. Jim M. Raines

    Jim M. Raines

    Associate Research Scientist

  50. Nilton O. Renno

    Nilton O. Renno


  51. Aaron  Ridley

    Aaron Ridley


  52. Richard B Rood

    Richard B Rood


  53. Chris  Ruf

    Chris Ruf

    Frederick Bartman Collegiate Professor of Climate and Space Science

    • Chris Ruf
    • Phone: (734) 764-6561
  54. Perry  Samson

    Perry Samson

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Atmospheric Science

  55. James A. Slavin

    James A. Slavin


  56. Igor  Sokolov

    Igor Sokolov

    Research Scientist

    • Igor Sokolov
    • Phone: (734) 647-4705
  57. Allison L Steiner

    Allison L Steiner


  58. Quentin F. Stout

    Quentin F. Stout


  59. Valeriy  Tenishev

    Valeriy Tenishev

    Associate Research Scientist

  60. Gabor  Toth

    Gabor Toth

    Research Professor

    • Gabor Toth
    • Phone: (734) 615-5362
  61. Bart  van der Holst

    Bart van der Holst

    Associate Research Scientist

  62. Line  Van Nieuwstadt

    Line Van Nieuwstadt

    Adjunct Research Scientist

  63. Timothy  Wallington

    Timothy Wallington

    Adjunct Professor

  64. Joseph  Westlake

    Joseph Westlake

    Adjunct Associate Professor

  65. Liang  Zhao

    Liang Zhao

    Assitant Research Scientist

    • Liang Zhao
    • Phone: 734-936-7262
  66. Shasha  Zou

    Shasha Zou

    Associate Professor

    • Shasha Zou
    • Phone: 734-936-8184