Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

SPRL Engineers and Staff

  1. Bradley Angelocci

    Electronic Tech. Supervisor

  2. Kenneth  Arnett

    Kenneth Arnett

    Electronics Engineer
  3. Bruce Block

    Engineer in Research Lead
  4. David Boprie

    Senior Electronics Technician

  5. Timothy Butler

    Engineer in Research Lead

  6. Linda Chadwick

    SPRL Proposal Manager

  7. Michael C. Chou

    Michael Chou


  8. Curt Cooper

    Electronics Design Engineer
  9. John  Eder

    John Eder

    Research Project Engineer

    • John Eder
    • Phone: 936-0523
    • Email:
  10. Brian  Gilchrist

    Brian Gilchrist

  11. Robb Gillespie

    Senior Mechanical Technician III

  12. Michael  Long

    Michael Long

    Senior Electronics Technician

  13. Barb Lupi

    SPRL Senior Administrative Assistant

    • Barb Lupi
    • Phone: 734-936-7775
    • Email:
  14. Darren  McKague

    Darren McKague

    Associate Director, Educational Initiatives

    XTRM Labs

  15. Patrick McNally

    SPRL Managing Director
  16. Ryan  Miller

    Ryan Miller

    Engineer in Research-Lead

    • Ryan Miller
    • Phone: 763-5373
    • Email:
  17. Stephen  Musko

    Stephen Musko

    Engineer in Research Lead

  18. Chuck  Navarre

    Chuck Navarre

    Senior Instrument Maker II

  19. Damen Provost


    Space Physics Research Laboratory

  20. Ronald J Rizor

    Ronald Rizor

    Electrical/Mechanical Designer

  21. Steven  Rogacki

    Steven Rogacki

    Senior Engineer in Research

  22. Dorina Twigg

    Software Developer
  23. Dr. Jon  Van Noord

    Dr. Jon Van Noord

    Lead Engineer in Research (Mechanical)