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Emily Judd
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Emily L Judd

Doctoral Student

Office: SRB 1417


B.S. Aerospace Engineering & B.M. Music Performance, University of Central Florida, 2016


Member of Dr. Aaron Ridley's research group.

Investigating the upper atmosphere through satellite mission data and atmospheric models. Working to create a model of Venus' atmosphere based off of GITM (Global Ionosphere-Thermosphere Model).

Working on DSM-BARC (Demonstration of Systems for M-BARC), a 2U CubeSat, as part of the Michigan Bicentennial Archive (M-BARC) project, a time capsule satellite. Running solar power generation and orbit propagation simulations.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

2016-2017 UM Dwight F. Benton Fellow

Professional Service

2017 DAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program) Student Instructor - The Wonders of Flight

Volunteer Manager for The Science Line

2015-2016 SEDS-USA Chair of the Council of Chapters

The Mars Generation Student Space Ambassador


Zhu, S., Magnussen, C., Judd, E., Frank, M., and Peters, F., "Automated Composite Fabric Layup for Wind Turbine Blades," Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 139(6), published online 11 January 2017. doi: 10.1115/1.4035004

Gordon, A. P., Judd, E., Bouchenot, T., and Penmetsa, R., "A Microstructurally-Informed, Continuum-Level Life Prediction Model for Thermo-Acousto-Mechanically Fatigued Ti-6242S and IN617," AIAA SciTech Forum, 5-9 January 2015, Kissimmee, Florida, 56th AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference. doi: 10.2514/6.2015-1580

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