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Elizabeth Ultee
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Elizabeth Ultee

Doctoral Candidate

Office: 2531 SRB
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B.Sc.H. Mathematical Physics
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Specializations and Research Interests

Simple mathematical modelling

Role of ice sheets and glaciers in global climate, esp. sea level

Usability of climate data and models for local- to regional-scale adaptation efforts

Ethical implications of climate science and climate change

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Programme: Honourable Mention (2015, 2016)


Ultee & Bassis (2016), "The future is Nye: An extension of the perfect plastic approximation to tidewater glaciers."  Journal of Glaciology 62(236): 1143-1152,

Ultee & Bassis (2017), "A plastic network approach to model calving glacier advance and retreat."  Frontiers in Earth Science 5(24)

Ultee, Arnott, Bassis & Lemos (2018), "From ice sheets to main streets: Intermediaries connect climate scientists to coastal adaptation."  Earth's Future 6(3): 299-304,

Updated: 2018-05-04