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Derek Posselt
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Derek J Posselt

Associate Professor

Graduate advisor
Program: The Master of Science in Atmospheric and Space Sciences

Office: 2517D SRB
Phone: (734)936-0502
Fax: (734)936-0503
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Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
M.S., Atmospheric Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S., Atmospheric Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison


ResearcherID: I-4912-2012

OrcID: 0000-0002-5670-5822

Use of applied mathematics and statistics to explore climate change effects on clouds and precipitation; dynamics of precipitating cloud systems associated with tropical convective cloud clusters and midlatitude cyclones; assimilation of cloud and precipitation data into mesoscale and cloud scale numerical models; aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions; nonlinear inverse problem theory; quantitative model error analysis

Specializations and Research Interests

  • Application of nonlinear inverse problem theory to cloud-environment interactions
  • Cloud, precipitation, and aerosol observing systems
  • Climate change effects on clouds and precipitation
  • Aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions
  • Distribution of clouds and precipitation in tropical convective cloud clusters and midlatitude cyclones
  • Assimilation of cloud and precipitation data into mesoscale and cloud scale numerical models
  • Model parameterization uncertainty analysis

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

  • Cover Article, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, May 2008.
  • First Place Student Poster Competition, AMS Annual Meeting
  • Center for Earth-Atmosphere Studies Fellowship, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Colorado State University
  • NCAR Advanced Studies Program Summer Colloquium (Data Assimilation)
  • NATO Advanced Studies Institute (Data Assimilation)
  • Participant in the first Pacific THORPEX Operations Science Test observation campaign, Honolulu
  • Participant in the International H2O Project field experiment

Professional Service

  • American Meteorological Society Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography Committee (2010 - 2016)
  • NASA Earth Science Senior Review for the Extension of all current Earth Science Operating Missions (2013)
  • Reviewer for: Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Monthly Weather Review, Journal of Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Climate Dynamics, Atmospheric Research
  • Member of the American Meteorological Society
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union


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