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Ava Dupre

Ava Dupre

Engineer in Research



As a member of the Solar and Heliospheric Research Group, I have designed and built test and calibration systems for space plasma instruments and space related hardware. Analog/digital electronics simulation, high vacuum systems, mechanical design and fabrication as well as simulations of charged particle motion are a few common tools used in the test and verification process of particle detectors. As a recent graduate, I hope to combine my science and engineering background to promote new ideas for planetary science and research as well as further our understanding of interactions between space and planetary bodies in our solar system.   


  • Inventor Solid Modeling
  • Structural analysis
  • Ion optics design
  • Calibration test setups
  • Engineering management
  • Data analysis programming
  • System level integration/test
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • High vacuum technology
  • Project management
  • AutoCAD programming
  • System design
  • Safety
  • Electronic fabrication
  • Systems engineering
  • mechanical engineering
Updated: 2016-04-15