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Ava Dupre

Ava Dupre

R&D Engineer

Living in the Age of Obtuse Reality



Solar wind/Planetary instrumentation design, ion optics and electric field modeling, high voltage instrumentation I&T, environmental test rig design and build


  • Analog circuit design
  • Metals treatment
  • Ion optics design
  • Calibration test setups
  • Engineering management
  • Project Management
  • Solid Modeling
  • Data analysis programming
  • System level integration/test
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • High vacuum technology
  • Project management
  • AutoCAD programming
  • System design
  • Safety
  • EEE parts, processes
  • Systems engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Inventor Solid Modeling

Specializations and Research Interests

Engineering Support for Solar and Heliospheric Research Group and Space Physics Research Lab


Liehmon, M.W., Dupre, A., Bougher, S., Trantham, M., Mitchell, D.L., Smith, M.D., (2012) Time-history influence of global dust storms on the upper atmosphere at Mars. Geophysical Research Letters

Updated: 2018-08-29