Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Who’s Who in Climate & Space

Who does what in the Climate & Space department? Who should you talk to if you are having an issue in one of your classes? Remember that if you have an issue in a non-Climate & Space class you can talk to staff in that department as well.

  1. Your Professor

    If an issue arises in one of your classes, the first person you should talk to is your professor. Chances are you will be able to work out the problem with him or her on your own.

  2. Lindsay Coleman, Undergraduate Student Services, Academic Advisor

    If the problem cannot be resolved with your professor, Lindsay Coleman is the next person that can help you. She can help advocate on the student’s behalf. Room 2237. (734) 764-3282.

  3. Mark Moldwin, Undergraduate Advisor and Chair AND Your Program Advisor

    Mark MoldwinThe next person to talk to for a problem that neither your professor, nor Lindsay, nor your concentration advisor can resolve is Mark Moldwin. He is the Climate & Space Undergraduate Advisor.

  4. James Slavin, Department Chair

    James A. Slavin As a last resort you can talk to the department chair. However, this should be a last case scenario and only for serious issues. He also hears all comments and suggestions regarding the department.