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Ambassador Doyle             Ambassador Doyle
Barbara Doyle is currently a Master's student in Applied Climate, and received her BSE in Earth System Science and Engineering. She is president of the UM chapter of the American Meteorological Society (UMAMS) and has also worked on numerous research projects throughout the department -- ranging from precipitation and aerosols to climate action plans. After a volunteer abroad trip in Malawi, Africa, Barbara became an advocate for education and outreach locally and globally. The Common Reading Experience Student Advisory Board (CSAB) was a result of that experience and is closely linked with a nonprofit organization housed in Malawi called EKARI. As Co-President of CSAB, Barbara works with other passionate students to improve literacy around Ann Arbor, raises awareness of education and poverty issues in Malawi, and is set to work with EKARI upon graduation. She is also a tutor through the America Reads program in which she helps improve literacy in elementary schools in Detroit. If you have any questions about the Climate & Space department, research, UMAMS, education and outreach, volunteering abroad, or just want a friend to talk to, please shoot her an email!

Barbara Doyle,

 Ambassador KocherManan Kocher is a second year doctoral candidate in Climate & Space, studying the impacts of solar eruptions on the Earth using images of the Sun, and solar wind charge state composition measurements close to Earth. Manan is an international student who grew up flying between the United Arab Emirates and India before moving to the United States. Manan's research interests are complemented by an interest and experience in Educational Theatre and Space Policy - inspiring the goal to use the position of an aspiring space physicist to create innovative educational tools in the community and eventually work in an international effort to advocate for the conservation of our space environment. Manan has actively worked with the social justice community in Ann Arbor in leadership and volunteer roles. The Sun, Snow, and Improv consume Manan's time currently, but there is time for chatting with you about Climate & Space, Ann Arbor and/or life as a graduate student! Manan Kocher,

Hourra DaherFaith Vowler is a master's student in the Climate & Space Department, pursuing an MEng in Space Engineering and/or an MS in Space Science. She grew up in Canton, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for my undergraduate education, earning a BSE in Earth System Science & Engineering (Space Weather concentration) from Climate & Space. Faith also minored in both Physics and in Astronomy & Astrophysics. In her senior year, she was the president of Michigan's Student Astronomical Society (SAS) and the secretary of Michigan's chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). This past summer, Faith traveled to Tucson, Arizona, to take a four-week class at Kitt Peak National Observatory, then moved to the Washington, DC area for a ten-week internship at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. After such an amazing summer of self-discovery, she returned home to continue her very enjoyable experience in the Climate & Space department by beginning her Master's studies. Faith Vowler,