Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

MEng Space Engineering Ambassador Alex Mednick

Photo of Alex MednickUndergraduate Degree: Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College.

What drew you to the MEng program: I was drawn to the program because I was working in the HVAC industry and wanted to get a foot in the door to get a new job in the Spaceflight industry. The MEng program advertised great industry connections and placement rates as well as a reputation as a top University.

One of your favorite things about the program: One of my favorite things about the MEng program is the amount of opportunities to work on something that is more than just a theoretical concept. Some of the projects that the students work on end up flying in space or near-space.

Advice for potential MEng students: I would advise the student who is considering MEng to come into the program ready to make connections and get involved as much as they can. There are ample projects to get involved with here and diving in headfirst into one of these is going to get them the types of experiences that will get them hired when they are out looking for jobs.