Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

MEng Space Engineering Ambassador Stuart Gegenheimer

Photo of Stuart GegenheimerUndergraduate Degree: Physics and astrophysics from the University of California, Berkeley

What drew you to the MEng program: When I was considering graduate programs, I was primarily looking at MS Aerospace Engineering programs. Two major things set the MEng program apart from the typical Aerospace MS program and led to me choosing the program.

First, the program is entirely focused on space applications. I knew I had no interest in studying aeronautics, so the focus on space was ideal for me.

Second, the program is practically oriented, and is designed to prepare you for industry. My goal was never to get a PhD, so academically oriented programs weren't right for me. The MEng program teaches things that specifically equip students to do well in industry jobs from their very first position.

One of your favorite things about the program:  Everyone in this program is committed and works very hard. There is a lot of group project worked involved in the degree's classes, but when everyone buys in and everyone is pulling their weight, you can do some great work.

Advice for potential MEng students: Think about your goals. If you are research-oriented and are considering a PhD, the MEng might not be right for you. If you want a practically-oriented program that will help you get employed in the space industry, and particularly if you are interested in systems engineering and management, the MEng program is a great choice.