Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

MEng Space Engineering Ambassador Anny Lin

Photo of Anny LinUndergraduate Degree: Aerospace Engineering from UCLA

What drew you to the MEng program: After working as a systems engineer in industry for a year, I was really looking for a graduate program with curriculum that has a mix of both technical and practical engineering knowledge beneficial for a career in designing space systems. This program is different from a conventional masters program because of its emphasis on real-world problems that occur during the design and development cycle of a space mission.The program is designed such that students are able to go in depth with their areas of interests such as controls or propulsion while learning a breadth of knowledge from the core curriculum. I was able to apply almost everything that I was learning in the classroom to the assignments I was given while working part-time during grad school.

One of your favorite things about the program: The most beneficial and exciting aspect of this program is definitely the opportunity to work directly on projects with industry companies such as Orbital ATK, Northrop Grumman and the Harris Corporation and organizations such as NASA JPL and NASA Goddard. These space missions are often related to key industry business areas or relevant and current science goals. Rather than only lasting a duration of one semester, these projects extend throughout the design phase and sometimes even through the execution of the mission. Students can decide what roles they want to take on, whether it is the lead systems engineer, project manager or a subsystem design lead. Additionally, the industry connections are extremely valuable since many students are able to obtain internships and full-time positions at industry leading companies and various NASA locations.

Besides being able to work on real-world problems, the MEng program also pushes its students to think like an engineer. The infamous 100-hour exam pushed me to come up with innovative ideas to meet challenging requirements. (I won't spoil this surprise for incoming students!) The in-class lectures and homework assignments complement the tasks being done in the industry projects so that students are well-equipped to excel.

Advice for potential MEng students: If you're looking for a program that provides a well-rounded program that allows you to develop both top-level technical design skills and in-depth knowledge in a particular technology area, this program is an excellent choice. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or reservations about the program.