Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Program FAQ

Climate & Space PhD and MS graduate students are admitted through the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Climate & Space MEng students are admitted through the College of Engineering. The Climate & Space Student Handbook, which will give you additional information about the department, is available as a PDF file on our Graduate Students Resources page with other helpful information and links.

For more information on each Climate & Space graduate program, please visit the specific program listed to the left.

When is the application deadline for Fall?

The deadline for the Fall PhD graduate student cohorts is December 15. Climate & Space doctoral students are fully supported through research funding and/or fellowships, therefore there are a limited number of opening for doctoral students each year. It is recommended that you submit your application early to ensure that it arrives on or before the deadline. If your application will be significantly delayed, please contact Sandra Pytlinski tto discuss your situation.  

How do I apply for financial aid?

You may also apply for need-based funding which is usually a student loan, through the University's Office of Financial Aid, (734) 763-6600. There are application materials required to complete this process.

Where can I find information on the cost to attend?

The Office of Registrar.

How do I visit Climate & Space?

Personal visits are easily arranged. One way is to make arrangements directly through an Undergraduate Program Advisor. The College also arranges tours of North Campus each weekday afternoon, with an information session and an opportunity to see a Program Advisor.

Where is Climate & Space located and how do I get to the department?

Climate & Space is housed in the Space Research Building (SRB), located at the intersection of Beal Avenue and Hayward Street on North Campus.

The easiest route to North Campus is to exit the US-23 Expressway at Plymouth Road, following it west towards Ann Arbor. After about one mile, turn left at the light onto Huron Parkway, and right on Hubbard Road (first light, about one mile). Keep straight at the stop sign and the Space Research Building is on your right in about a quarter of a mile. Visitor Parking is on top of the hill shortly before reaching SRB, on the left side of the road.


Climate & Space is located in the Space Research Building on North Campus. Click the following link for Maps of North and Central Campus, Ann Arbor and Vicinity.